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Quebec City click on any of the below categories to shop the item SWEATER JEANS BOOTS BOW BAG HAT MITTENS coat (size small) the coat is sold out almost everywhere but I did find it in the black label edition HERE. They only big difference is the patch on the arm is black vs the […]

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MY GO TO LOOKS Fall is my favorite season. There are so many reasons why including the drop in temps, the fun fall festivities, and the cozy clothes! When someone asked me to throw together my favorite fall basics I got very excited. I hope you love these as much as I do. I came […]

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EVERYTHING WHITE & SUBTLE TOUCHES OF RED AND BLUE We had a wonderful weekend kicking the summer off with a beach weekend out east! This look came in handy. It’s perfect for May & early June when the weather is still transitioning into summer and the nights are very chilly.  Now onto the color. You can […]